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Kathleen Chalfant [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1945-01-14
She is an actress who has appeared in such movies as "The Bath", "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight", "Lillian", "Georgia O'Keeffe", "Duplicity", "The Last New Yorker", "Lover Other", "Lackawanna Blues", "Kinsey", "Benjamin Franklin", "A Death in the Family", "Side Streets", "David Searching", "Fly by Night", "Out of the Rain", "Miss Firecracker", "Five Corners", "Jules Feiffer's Hold Me". As well, she has appeared on such television shows as "House of Cards" (Margaret Tilden), "Rescue Me" (Sean's Ma), "The Guardian" (Laurie Solt) and "Prince Street", among numerous guest appearances. Also, she has appeared in such Broadway productions as "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches". Her husband is photographer/producer/director Henry Chalfant.
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