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LL Cool J [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1968-01-14
He is a rap artist who has recorded such songs as "I Need Love", "I Can't Live Without My Radio", "Rock the Bells", "I'm Bad", "Going Back to Cali", "Jack the Ripper", "Jingling Baby", "Big Ole Butt", "The Boomin' System", "Around the Way Girl", "Mama Said Knock You Out", "Back Seat", "I Need a Beat", "Doin' It", "Loungin' (Who Do Ya Love)", "LLovely Day", "Baby", "Control Myself", "Headsprung", "Luv U Better", "I Need Love" and "Hey Lover". As an actor, he has appeared in such movies as "The Deal", "Last Holiday", "Heartland", "Edison", "Slow Burn", "S.W.A.T.", "Rollerball", "Deliver Us From Eva", "Kingdome Come", "Charlie's Angels", "Any Given Sunday", "Deep Blue Sea", "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later", "The Right to Remain Silent", "Toys", "The Hard Way" and "Wildcats". As well, he has appeared on such television shows as "NCIS: Los Angeles" (Special Agent Sam Hanna) and "In the House" (Marion Hill), among various guest appearances.
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