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Dave Grohl [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1969-01-14
"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" performer. He is a singer, songwriter, drummer and guitar player who has recorded such songs as "Centuries Of Sin", "Shake Your Blood", "Ice Cold Man", "Big Sky" and "My Tortured Soul". As well, he has been a member of the groups Nirvana ("Lithium", "Come As You Are", "In Bloom", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "On the Guilt", "School", "Drain You", "Heart-Shaped Box", "All Apologies"), the Foo Fighters ("My Hero", "Monkey Wrench", "All My Life", "Learn to Fly", "Generator", "Times Like These", "Everlong", "Low", "Big Me", "Winnebago", "How I Miss You", "Podunk", "Stacked Actors", "This Is a Call", "Breakout", "Next Year", "For All the Crows", "The One"), Queens of the Stone Age ("Got With the Flow", "First It Giveth", "No One Knows", "Lost Art of Keeping a Secret") and Killing Joke ("Turn to Red", "Requiem", "Let's All Go", "Me or You", "Adorations", "My Love of This Land").
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