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Samuel Fuller [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1912-08-12
Death: 1997-10-30
He wrote such movies as "Girls in Prison", "The Day of Reckoning" (also directed), "Let's Get Harry", "The Big Red One" (also directed and appeared in), "White Dog" (also directed and appeared in), "Street of No Return" (also directed and appeared in), "Shark!" (also directed), "The Meanest Men in the West" (also directed), "Merrill's Marauders", "China Gate" (also directed), "Hell and High Water" (also directed), "Fixed Bayonets!" (also directed), "I Shot Jesse James" (also directed), "Bowery Boy" and "Hats Off". As well, he wrote such television shows as "The Iron Horse", "The Virginian" and "Captain Video and His Video Rangers". His daughter is actress Samantha Fuller and wife was actress Christa Lang. He died of natural causes.
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