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Pauline Frederick [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1908-08-12
Death: 1938-09-19
She was an actress who appeared in such movies as "Thank You, Mr. Moto", "The Phantom of Crestwood", "The Sacred Flame", "Mumsie", "Devil's Island", "The Woman Breed", "A Slave of Vanity", "The Loves of Letty", "La Tosca", "The Slave Market", "Nanette of the Wilds", "The Spider", "Lydia Gilmore", "Smouldering Fires", "The Moment Before", "Three Women", "The Nest", "Ressurection", "Wayward" and "The Eternal City". As well, she appeared in such Broadway productions as "Samson" and "Joseph and His Brothers". At one time, she was married to write Willard Mack. She died of asthma.
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