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Sean Whalen [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1964-05-19
He is an actor who has appeared in such movies as "Getting the Kinks Out", "Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing", "The Divine Tragedies", "Murder of a Cat", "Hatchet III", "Isolated", "All Superheroes Must Die" (and sequel), "The FP", "Laid to Rest", "Night Life", "Employee of the Month", "Chasing Ghosts", "Deep Shock", "Charlie's Angels", "Never Been Kissed", "Twister", "Jailbreakers" and "The People Under the Stairs". As well, he has appeared on such television shows as "Superstore" (Sal), "The Bold and the Beautiful" (Carl Ferret), "Unfabulous" (Coach Pearson), "My Wife and Kids" (Larry) and "Special Unit 2" (Sean Radmon), among numerous guest appearances.
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