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Daniel Gelin [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1921-05-19
Death: 2002-11-29
He was an actor who apppeared in such movies as "A l'abri des regards indiscrets", "Obsession", "Fugueuses", "Bartleby ou Les hommes au rebut", "Olympe de nos amours", "Progetto Atlantide", "Trop c'est trop", "Hallucinations sadiques", "Dans la gueule du loup", "Les dents longues" (also wrote and directed) and "Miquette". As well, he appeared on such television shows as "Madame le proviseur" (Charles), "Das Erbe der Guldenburgs" (Gregor Baschkurin) and "Les saintes cheries" (Pierre Lagarde), among numerous guest appearances. His sons are/were Manuel and Xavier Gelin, daughters are actress Fiona Gelin and Maria Schneider and, at one time, was married to actress Daniele Delorme. He died of kidney failure.
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