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Bruce Bilson [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1928-05-19
He has directed such movies as "Journeys Below the Line: 24 - The Editing Process" (and sequels), "Flash III: Deadly Nightshade", "Gidget's Summer Reunion", "The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe" and "Pate Katelin en Buenos Aires". As well, he has directed such television shows as "Dinosaurs", "House Calls", "Dynasty", "Barney Miller", "B.J. and the Bear", "The Doris Day Show", "Hogan's Heroes", "Get Smart" and "The Patty Duke Show". His wife is actress Renne Jarrett, son is writer/producer/director Danny Bilson, granddaughter is actress Rachel Bilson, father was writer/producer George Bilson and mother was writer Hattie Bilson.
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