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Rob Zombie [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1966-01-12
He is a singer who has recorded such songs as "Living Dead Girl", "Dragula", "Never Gonna Stop", "The Man Without Fear", "Grindhouse (a Go-Go)", "Mars Needs Women", "Sick Bubblegum", "Foxy Fox", "Let It All Bleed Out", "Iron Head", "Feel So Numb", "Superbeast", "Scum of the Earth" and "How to Make a Monster". As well, he has been a member of the groups White Zombie ("Night Crawlers", "I'm Your Boogieman", "One", "More Human Than Human", 'I'm a Legend", "Black Sunshine", "Blur the Technicolor", "Super Charger Heaven", "Warp Asylum", "Blood, Milk and Sky", "Creature of the Wheel") and Wednesday 13 ("Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead", "Skeletons", "Bloodwork"). As well, he has written and directed such movies as "Halloween" (2007 - and sequels), "Grindhouse", "The Devil's Rejects" (also produced) and "House of 1000 Corpses" (also appeared in). His wife is actress Sheri Moon and brother is singer Michael David Cummings (aka Spider).
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