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Dave Mustaine [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1961-09-13
He is a singer and guitar player who has been a member of the groups Megadeth ("Holy Wars...The Punishment Due", "In My Darkest Hour", "Peace Sells", "Sweating Bullets", "Angry Again", "A Tout Le Monde", "Trust", "Kill the King", "Symphony of Destruction", "Mechanix", "Train of Consequences", "Wake Up Dead", "Hangar 18", "Dread and the Fugitive Mind", "Skin 'O My Teeth", "She-Wolf", "Prince of Darkness") and Metallica ("King Nothing", "Enter Sandman", "Nothing Else Matters", "Blackened", "Battery", "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "Unforgiven", "One", "No Leaf Clover", "Hero of the Day", "Whisky in the Jar", "Blitzkrieg", "Prince", "Master of Puppets", "Fight Fire With Fire", "Fade to Black", "Escape", "Thing That Should Not Be", "Trapped Under Ice", "Eye of the Beholder", "Creeping Death", "Metal Militia").
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