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Bryan Marshall [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1938-05-19
He is an actor who has appeared in such movies as "Selkie", "Halifax f.p: Afraid of the Dark", "Chicken", "Cody: A Family Affair", "The Punisher", "Return to Snowy River", "Bliss", "The Great Gold Swindle", "The Merry Wives of Windsor", "The Long Good Friday", "The Mourning Brooch", "The Spy Who Loved Me", "Twelfth Night", "Because of the Cats", "Man in the Wilderness", "I Start Counting", "Quatermass and the Pit", "The Forsyte Saga" and "Rasputin: The Mad Monk". As well, he has appeared on such television shows as "Home and Away" (John Simpson, Trevor Bardwell), "Embassy" (Ambassador Duncan Stewart), "Neighbours" (Gerard Singer), "Golden Pennies" (Luke Greenwood), "Possession" (Oliver Hearst), "Prisoner" (Dr. Jonathan Edmonds), "Buccaneer" (Tony Blair), "The Boy Merlin" (Iefan), "Warship" (Commander Glenn), "Sam and the River" (Alan Flint), "Rooms" (Clive), "Villette" (Dr. John Graham Bretton), "A Family at War" (Stashek), "Spindoe" (Det. Sgt. Peach) and "United!" (Jack Birkett), among numerous guest appearances.
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