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Marion Lorne [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1883-08-12
Death: 1968-05-09
She was an actress who appeared in the movies "The Graduate", "The Girl Rush" and "Strangers on a Train". As well, she appeared on such television shows as "Bewitched" (Aunt Clara), "The Garry Moore Show", "Sally" (Myrtle Banford) and "Mr. Peepers" (Mrs. Gurney). On Broadway she appeared in such productions as "Harvey". She died of a heart attack. A bit of trivia is that when she was still alive, most sources gave 1888 as her birth year. But after she died, the Social Security Death Index gave 1883 as her birth year. Her grave has 1885 on it, and to make it more confusing, 1886 is sometimes given.
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